Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We are working on Classic Everquest open source server! Join our discord!

See the link on the right side to join our discord.  Our database, client (titanium based), and server is all fully open source right now!  

You can also play on our server right now (we are in 'closed-unannounced' beta currently) just set your eqhost file in your client to

We hope that whether you just want to save all the work we are doing to help preserve EQ history, play on our server, roll your own classic server ... or even help us with development (!) you would join our discord and check out what we have to offer!  The links on this site toolbar above for client, database, and server are outdated now.  Here are the current links, everything is on github and under active development:




Wiki (under development):

Hope to see you in the Discord!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Starting Design on Tiny MMORPG "Eleven": Personality based classes

I got the idea to start this by participating in the Twitch Stream and Discord of ALovingRobot, A former EverQuest Developer.  Qixix and Secrets kind of encouraged me to start something.

I wanted to work on a Crowdsourced, Open Source, Free (or at-cost) MMORPG based on EverQuest but using Unity Engine.

The goal is to create a community, and have people hosting their own servers or playing on the "official" server.  Make their own mods too.  It is obvious that allowing players to host their own servers and giving them tools (or even just license) to mod the game are what made Minecraft and Bethesda such popular companies and led Microsoft to pay billions of dollars to onboard these fans.   I will never sell out but this is a good example of how simply building a community creates massive value.

First Person Only.  Hand Painted Textures.  Hand Modeled Landscapes.  Small. Open Source. 3D.  Those are the main requirements I have for this game.

Networking/Server will likely be SpatialOS or uMMORPG.

So far I have made 1 texture (yay) started sculpting a zone, and am working on design docs.  The classes will be based on MBTi personality types.  I squashed the introvert and extravert into the same type so for example ENTP and INTP are the same class.  Each class has 4 abilities (basically categories of roles/spells).  For example the NTP type would be Shaman and the main roles are Damage and Meta, and the secondary roles would be Summoning and healing.  See below for a screen shot:

[the green and red on the left side denote that those personality types tend to be more extraverted (green) and introverted (red)].

The roles in dark blue are the primary roles of the class and will be equally strong.  The roles in light blue are the secondary roles and will be about half as strong.  Spells, even armor recipes and weapon recipes will be based on role.  So for example Curse role corresponds to blade weapons.  So to craft blade weapons (likely will be no drop after you craft something) you need to have the curse ability.  Same with armor, you will need Tank ability to craft heavy armor.

These also will be the stats.  Likely 1 stat would correspond to each role so this is where players can put points they gain from leveling.  Spells, crafting recipies, skills etc would have stat requirements to use and also would gain power or length based on their stat(s).

I plan on their bieng no auto attack, and  attacks will be skills and work the same way as spells with cooldowns.  This hearkens back to jrpg's where you have  a turn and can either attack or cast a spell.  Basicaaly this just makes it easier (possible) to balance casters with melee characters.

 So the way this would work is as follows.  You take a personality test or other test to help you determine which class you likely want to be.  Below is an example of this:


 So with some simple quick questions we can suggest the class that was designed for a persons personality type.  Of course the player could pick any class but as an Everquest player with the choice of over 10 classes, it took me years to find my favorite!  This personality based system should allow players to find thier favorite class in seconds.


Here is a link to my design folder on Dropbox:

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Full server for download on the servers tab above

Some are having trouble compiling the server so I added a fully compiled version.  It is 1.4gb to download but you should be able to use it with a NEQ database and the NEQ client right out of the box.  Simply open the folder and double click t_start_server_with_login_server... bat file and it should launch 4 windows with a perl window.  Then in the client create a shortcut to eqgame and add the word: patchme after the "target" field and it should launch the client and see the server you have running.

You also need to load the NEQ20020 (Actually NEQ20021 is newest and is from LoN) database and here is the process if you have already used the Akka eqemulator installer and have mariadb and heidisql installed:

Go to heidisql and login username root and password eqemu.
Right click on peq, say "export database as sql" which saves it.*
then right click peq and say drop database
then click on "unnamed" and right click in the white area and do "create new"->"database"
name it peq again
then click on peq.  then do "file"->"load sql file" and pick the neq database and it will load in.
Restart your computer and restart the server by clicking "t_start_server_with_login..." and then start your client by using the shortcut you made and it should work.

So ya takes a little bit of work but as long as you do the "export database as sql" first on your current database, you can always switch back to your normal eqemu server
it's a quick process after you do it a couple times

*Use these settings for exporting database:

Saturday, May 18, 2019

EQEmulator compatible TAK database release!

We are there again, got all tables from the old TAK database into a new EQEmulator database.  There are some known issues like loot/items and mob hopping but I am hopeful we will be able to make progress on those things when I return in august.  For now join the discord and let me know what you find when working with the database.

Go to "Database" tab above, take the link to dropbox, go to the "2000's folder and it is the NEQ20020.sql file.  This will work with current EQEmulator server!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

All old mobs in Cazic, Paw, Nektulos, Lavastorm

*Edit: looks like cazic and paw will need some work to get it back to classic.  While the mobs look right in both, the levels are off.  Cazic mob level is all around 54 so that will need to be modified.  Also splitpaw is level 25 and im not sure where to find info on how it was before.  If you have any ideas let me know in discord!*

*Edit 2: Looks like there is lots of old good splitpaw data here:
I found that on the post below:

It was way easier than I was making it before; simply updating the spawn2, spawngroup, spawnentry, npctypes, grid and gridentries tables with TAK tables and we have all working mobs!  The only hitch was the npc_types table which required adding some extra columns to get it to be compatible with current peq server.  As I go I am making extensive notes of what I am doing and I will compile it all into one text file before I release the db.

I am going on a 3 mo vacation here soon so before I go I will release my current db since I won't be able to keep to my july release date I promised earlier.  When I get back though I will continue work and while I'm gone you can dink around with my latest build and let me know in discord what I need to fix.  Goal is all PEQ compatible TAK database before I go in a week or so.  Once we have that I believe it should be minor tweaks from there.

If anyone with some programming skill wanted to follow the below article and get mob spawns for cazic thule from p99 that would be great:

installing showeq

getting traffic



Sunday, March 31, 2019

Development Plan and Classic TAK database digested for you

So I'm going to teach you here how I went about doing this last time and what I plan to do this time.  I am MarcusD from Eqemulator (also NostalgiaEQ who was banned).  You can look at my old posts especially around when AdrianD (Similar name but we are not the same person) was on the forums.  Basically what I learned from him before he presumably quit was that you need to learn HeidiSQL.  So I did that.  I searched around for good starting material.  A unnamed past dev for EQEmu contacted me and helped me find lots of old databases.  It seemed to me like the best one to use was TAK projects database release.

FYI: in the database tab above in the TAK zip file there is the TAK database and digested version...I'll explain using that below.

Anyway the problem is if you run TAK database in current EQEmu server (the installer or whatever) the server doesn't work.  So you have to basically modify the tables to fit with current EQEmu code.  The way I do that is have all the TAK data in excel files then load up a fresh PEQ database (the one that comes with the installer).  Next I insert my excel data into that new database and make sure it continues working.  Last time when I uploaded the TAK items table, the items stopped showing up in the game.  So there must be an issue with the table format that I need to fix.  So anyway that is my same plan this time around.  I will now take the excel files in the database tab above, and try to get them inside the current PEQ database.

How you get the database into excel is (after running the server installer) you install and open heidisql then enter password: eqemu.  First you want to save the database that came with the installer so skip to the the * part below, then continue. Then you see peq on the left hand side.  Expand it and click on one of the tables.  Now on the right side of the screen you go to "data" tab.  now go to tools->export grid rows.  Hit ok.  Then go to excel and hit paste.  You now have exported your database table to excel and you can work with this and import parts or all of it into another database.

When you have all the data you need, you right click the peq table on the left side of the screen and click drop.  Close heidisql and reopen it.  Now right click in the empty spot in the left side of the screen below where peq used to be.  Create a new database.  If you can't then click the "unnamed" thing at the top of the area first.  Name the new database peq.  now click the cylinder so it has a green check.  Now go to file and load sql file.  You can load the tak database or NEQ or whatever.  After a while it will finish.  Now if you click the down arrow to the left of peq, you will see a bunch of tables.  If you don't then close and restart heidisql.  Now if you click a table on the left side of the screen under peq, on the right side of the screen click the data tab.  This is where everything important is.  You can import excel files to this data.  you may want to delete the current data, then click the little paper button with the green plus sign, it is down and right from the help menu on the top of the screen.  This is how you get data from excel to your database.

*Anyway now you know how to work with heidi sql.  You also want to save your progress often by going to the peq and right clicking it and clicking export database as sql.  The settings you should use are as follows:
Database: create
Tables: create
Data: insert
max insert size: 9,999,999
output: single sql file
then choose a location and name.

So basically I am currently using TAK data to start with a classic database.  Then I will go into the server and use gm commands like #npcspawn delete and such to remove spawns and there are also gm commands here:
to change the pathing and stuff like that.  Then I will go around and make sure everything is working.  Are the npc stores looking ok?  Are mobs dropping correct loot?  Are there npcs from expansions higher than what I want? etc.  Also doing research making sure spells are right etc.  So anyway that process will take a couple months before beta.  Beta will not be perfect and will be where you can help me find stuff that wasn't in the release version of EQ.  So for a timeline, it will take me lets say 1 month to get all the TAK tables integrated in a working way into a current PEQ database so everything is compatible.  Then it will take me 2 months to tidy things up best I can in game.  Then it will take me another month to finalize the client.  For the client I also want to look into using aspects of the TAK client, not sure how titanium compatible it is.  But I will also pull original files from my 989 copy of EQ.  So we are about 4 months out and lets expect beta by the end of July.

The TAK tables aren't perfect as I have said before.  Firstly the items table will take some major tweaking to get it compatible with current eqemulator.  Many of the other tables also will take some decent work to get them functioning.  Secondly the zone points are bad and the rule values are bad.  The zone points and rule values I will pull from my old NEQ release as I did a lot of work on those before.  I will try to set most of the rulevals back to default unless a changed value is required for classic eq.  I will set expansions to 0 but this can be reverted by you easily.

Anyway there is an update and check the database tab at the top of the screen for the digested TAK database tables!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Development restarted! Join our Discord.

We are at it again! This project is now officially a project of Hack Our World 501c3 Nonprofit! Hack Our World is devoted to non-profit game production and publishing focusing on Persistant Open World games.

Join our discord, link is on the right side bar.

NostalgiaEQ is back and is slated for an Open Beta July 2019.  Progress is going well as is compatibility of the Database with current eqemulator server installer and code.  We are using the same client that is posted in the above but the database will be releasing as NEQ200xx so keep an eye out for that and it will be first poated when the Beta launches.

Looking forward to continuing this journey together! FYI this server will be pre-expansion, version "1.1" Vanilla EQ.  Yes that means no Temple of Solsek Ro!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

NEQ compatible SERVER posted!

Sorry it took me so long, I forgot to do this. Shortly after I released the NEQ database (see database tab above) Eqemulator seems to have tried to undercut my effort (they don't want anyone to compete with p99 let alone an entire open source community for classic eq!) by ninja changing the server code so it was no longer compatible. My intention was to update the database so it continued to be compatible but other things came up and I haven't done that yet. But anyway I posted a 4/9/17 server in the server tab above so you can compile that and use it to run a server that uses the NEQ database. I will probably also post pre-compiled versions but for now you will have to compile your own using visual studio according to the eqemulator directions for compiling your own server. This will work with your standard titanium client but stay tuned as I will release the special client soon too!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mobile Everquest 1?

Hey everyone sorry I dropped off the map for a while there.  I am still busy with a high voltage power supply project that I'm working on so probably won't be developing the NEQ database for a little while yet.  For now though just get the database in the database tab above and work on it yourself and let us know what you accomplish!

I know there was one person on the eqemulator forum talking about making a mobile unity client for EQ.  I know that ultimately wouldn't have the same feel as original eq and even if he completed it, it would fall flat.  

But what about a new idea... making a mobile console that plays actual EQ?

How about a scaled down windows PC small enough for you to use it as a mobile device sort of like a tablet?  Using titanium edition I think you could get away with something pretty small.  Even possibly running a windows emulator to play Everquest and it would be compatible with the NEQ server and all other classic EQ emulators.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

First full classic database release! Fully EQemulator compatible

Sigh... Finally my first full database release.  Up to Planes of Power.

Click the databases tab above to see it, NEQ10011.

 Far from perfect and lots of work still to do (fix more zone points, fix mob hopping) but I feel this is a good landmark or "save point" so to speak.  New databases prevent the "hopping" problems of mobs, I'm not sure how exactly they do it.  I need to try tinkering with spawn2 and see if I can figure out how PEQ fixed the hopping issue in newer databases.

That aside this database has old skeletons, beautiful mobs in old lavastorm, paw, cazic thule, etc.

Let me know and please fork this and play it or continue development!  My future main goal is to fix mob hopping so if you have any ideas please use the forum or email me!

Progress moving quickly, prelim database release within a couple days

So work has been going great, I got modern items table in the tak database and all items in merchants and mobs work!  Not quite sure yet if new non classic items are on mobs loot but when it is found it will be fixed.  I also got my fixed up zone points table in where the place where you zone into most classic zones is fixed.  Obviously also have my updated rule_values in.

So in essence we have an open source classic database with all classic zones functioning to work from!  It includes everything in TAK so planes of power.

Also I will release a client soon to get the classic graphics and zones.  Currently my client is only classic pre kunark but I will create packs for each expansion especially the box sets like trilogy, gold, evolution, platinum, etc.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Problem with TAK database found... Missing items

So after staring at the loot and merchant tables unable to figure out what the problem is, I found a merchant that carried a cloth cap!  So I looked up that merchant on the npc_types table and got his merchantlist id and looked him up on the merchantlist table.  Well of corse one of the items he trades is a cloth cap.  I looked at the other items he trades and tried to summon them in game.  They don't exist!  Duh!  So the problem with the merchants not having anything is just a lack of items in the items table.  Same problem with the monster drops; I looked at a whiskered bat's drops and tried to summon them and doy... they don't exist!  I don't have time now but I think if we just (sadly) replace the items table with a recent peqbeta table then hopefully we will be good to go.. but sadly we will also have all the crap items I was hoping to get rid of with the tak database.  But fingers crossed if the tak merchantlist and lootdrop is all working correctly only the era specific items will be able to drop or be bought!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TAK database loaded but setbacks found

I successfully imported the tak database into my database.  The monsters all look good but unfortunately there are some setbacks.  Loot isn't working.  Gold drops are functioning but no loot is showing up on corpses.  Also merchants are present but their inventories are blank.  The strange thing is there are large tables in the database for loot and merchant lists, so I will have to take a closer look at the tables and where they reference to see what is going on.  I very much doubt tak would release a database without loot and merchants.

We will see.  No matter what I am not giving up, if anything i go back to the installed db and just use tak to get monsters in lavastorm, cazic thule, and paw (which by the way look great!)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

First NEQ database released! See Database tab above.

First NEQ database!. 1000 Series will be up to LDoN.
You can easily change that by changing World:ExpansionSettings in the rule_values table in the database.
This database is just an empty akka installer (peqbeta) database (fully eqemulator compatable) that has been cleaned out prepared for classic entries. The Rule_values table has been fixed up. Added over 100 entries and vastly improved it and fot it fully up to date. Soon a full functional database will be released with the launch of my server around next weekend. Make sure to get this database here just for the rule_values! (took me about 10 hours of work)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Updating the Rule_Values table.

So I am going through the peqbeta database rule_values table that comes with the akka installer.  There are many errors in it and missing entries.  I am going through and fixing everything, adding all missing entries, and also updating the descriptions.  In addition to that I am adding the default value in the descriptions so you can change away and never forget what the defaults are!  I expect to have this done tonight but it may be untill monday when I can get it posted to dropbox (the scrubbed peqbeta database ready for TAK injection but has updated rule_values table), but even if you don't plan on making a classic server you will want to get this just for the updated rule_values table!

Updated timeline is classic database, eqemulator server, and classic client ready by next weekend.  Should be done earlier but that gives me some time to test.  Server should be ready to go (still have dynamic ip though for now but we will make it work) too.  I will make my server live then post the database, server (precompiled and also uncompiled, just going to be standard from eqemulator for now), and client on my site.  I do not promote piracy and you must agree that you own the game to use.