Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pausing work for a bit

My business has been in a slight slump so I'm directing my efforts to it currently.  Once my business is back to normal then I will resume work on NostalgiaEQ server.  I am hopeful I can make this server quite good from a technical standpoint, I already have the dedicated server with 16 gb ram for it and I plan on using a 50/5 business internet with static IP to host it which should support upwards of 500 concurrent players.  However this internet is $120 a month and advertising to achieve 500 concurrent players will also be expensive.  So if my business isn't doing well I wouldn't be able to afford those expenses. 

So i will keep you updated, hopefully work will resume soon but if all else fails I will release my work so far (mostly client tweaking and database edits).

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Known bugs looking for solutions

Known bugs with no solution known

1.  Oversized torches
2. Day/Night lighting may be off, zone out and back to reset it.  Started happening after increasing zone reset times and/or increasing amount of zones up. **Figured out, turning sky off in zone table makes the day/night cycle stop working sometimes**
3. Wolves and wolf form is too small, shrink makes them bigger
4. moss snakes in nektulos no model
5. skeletons are new models
6. Karana
7. boats have no collisions
8. zone features that should be invisible are visible and look like human characters.

Things to check/test

1. that all tradeskill items are tradable.
2. if any amount of players in any zones cause server lag (from amount of zones up, zone reset time, no-idle source change, clip plane modifications)
3. spawntimes bieng shortened works ok
4. that "mysterious voice" messages only come up at lvl 15, no other level.
5. That new items and quests are working well.
6. That lavastorm teleportation to druid rings working well.
7.  That summon food and drink spells are working well.
8. That all soulbinders and adventure/raid npc's are removed.
9.  if any weapons or armor aren't showing up.
10. that all the zoning points are correct and your charecter is pointing the right direction after you zone.

To Do

1. Remove souldbinders and raid/adventure npc's
2. Remove non classic mobs 
3.  Remove non classic barges (oasis)
4.  Fix Lavastorm mobs 
5. make starting points at guildmaster

Friday, October 14, 2016

Update 2

Arthikus lvl 33 mummy in oasis was at a 50% spawn rate with a crypt mummy at the other 50%, Arthikus was lowered to 20% spawn rate.

Lockjaw, Fabled Lockjaw, and a crocodile were each at 1/3 chance of spawning at 2 spawn points. This was lowered to 20% chance for LJ, 10% chance for fabled, and 70% chance of croc.  Also the spawn_limit of the spawngroup (2113) was changed to 1 so hopefully only one lockjaw can be up at once.

Server source has been edited to turn zone idle to off.  This means mobs and boats keep moving even when there is noone in the zone.

In addition to that I turned zone reset time of all zones (76 zones total in this server) to 8 hours.  This means if you are the only one in a zone and leave it then come back it won't reset the mob spawns.

Also all 76 zones are launched in the .bat launcher and in the launcher table in the database so people can be in every zone at the same time.

The "consumption multiplier" in the rule values table was changed from 100 to 200 in an effort to make food be used up faster.  Not really looking like its working but may need more testing.  I do want food to be used up faster so perhaps I just have to go in and edit each piece of food manually.  I want food to be used somewhere in between minecraft and eq; eq is too slow and minecraft is too fast.

Thats about it.  I am trying to get some server source code working with Uleat on the forum to make it so you can only loot items off monster corpses that you need so other people can grab stuff if they can use it.  Also the exclusive loot window will be set somewhere between 100ms and 200ms so the group that killed the monster only gets a split second to loot it before other people around can try to loot it too.  This means that ungrouped people can work together killing monsters and each person gets basically an equal chance at getting the loot.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cheating Policy

As with any Legit server, there will be people trying to gain an unfair advantage.  They wish to bypass the challenge.  I feel sorry for these people.  I love the challenge and I hope that the reason you come to this server is you are looking forward to the challenge, not shying away from it.  That said I welcome people who have had a past of cheating and I hope you can find a place here where you look forward to the challenge instead of bypassing it.  I'm not out to get you and drop a ban hammer so I hope you can respect that and choose not to engage in it.  What will happen is any unfair advantage you gain by cheating will be revoked (like items or whatnot, and it will be easy to do since almost everything is no-drop) and you will face a temp ban up to a maximum of 2 weeks, and if the case dictates you may be placed on a public "watch list".  Like I said I'm not being particularly harsh so I hope you can respect that and choose to refrain from cheating.

To be "caught" cheating there needs to be articulable evidence against you.  Similar to probable cause.  Chat logs do not constitute viable evidence.  So if someone is pestering you about how they hacked this or cheated that, truthfully the best thing you can do is /ignore them so please do that.  The server logs any anomalies it notices.  Also people can email to report suspicious things or provide evidence of cheating including links to video's, pictures, explanations of the situation etc.  I don't "do" self incrimination so if you are providing evidence of cheating you better have recorded or "print screen" the evidence yourself.  Don't link me to a vid or article of someone bragging about cheating or posting their own screenshots/videos.  Again I don't believe in self incrimination.  But feel free to share self incriminating things people post to the community so others can be on the lookout.  Also I DEFINITELY don't agree with entrapment so anyone (even a GM) found to be trying to entrap someone to commit an offense will be disciplined themselves and any evidence gained by entrapment or even encouraging someone to commit an offense will be either thrown out or the entrapper will recieve the same punishment as the offender as the case may be.  In the case of entrapment please use the /report function to log the last 100 lines of chat and send me an email at the usual address. If you have faced disciplinary action and want a summary of the evidence (that doesn't incriminate the reporter) and an explanation and/or make an appeal then email as well.  Anyone who -reports- cheating will not have their identity divulged.  

Also there is no rule against posting how to exploit bugs in the server or for actually exploiting bugs or posts about how-to do cheating/hacking.  Of course there are rules against actually cheating/hacking though.  If there is a bug that is my problem not yours.  I will announce my intention to fix/change anything when I have made that decision so you won't be investing in a method that eventually will be removed.  

There is also no rule against real money trade. No GM or anyone with GM power will ever offer items for sale or donation (if they do /report it and email, but players can do what they want with their own items or passwords.  However please keep it off public chat channels because people will likely /ignore you or train you with mobs. Also basically all inportant items are no trade so selling items will not be possible.  Also passwords can't be changed so buying or selling an account would be very risky.  KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SAFE!  I cannot see your password so if you forget it, I cannot change it or tell you what it is!

Scamming is strongly discouraged but punishing scammers will not be done.  Firstly, again, no important items will be tradable.  Second if you want to lend an item or do a multi part trade or make a contract it is up to YOU to enforce that.  If you can't enforce it then don't make the deal.  A good way to enforce it is to take screenshots and make a public post pleading your case if you get scammed so people can be aware.  Again passwords cannot be reset so don't make the mistake of giving anyone your password.

If there is a reasonable suspicion that you are cheating you will be put on an internal "watch list".  This means people involved with the server will be checking up on you.  Personally I will be transparent about this, if I am watching you I will do it with my main Nature.  I cannot speak for others though.

If it progresses past reasonable suspicion and there is articulable evidence you are cheating then you will face a removal of advantages you gained like items you probably gained from cheating, temp ban of IP(s) and account(s) up to 2 weeks, and possibly being placed on a public watch list.  Articulable evidence is similar to probable cause.  We can't have trial by jury and whatnot lol so this is probably as good as it will get I'm afraid.  If you are falsely accused; my deepest regrets and apologies but know the worst that can happen is a temp ban anyway.

Extra attention will be given to automated ninja looting.  This would have particularly bad effect on this server so we will be putting in extra resources to detecting and preventing this.  It will be dis-incentivized by having virtually all important items being lore and no-drop so you won't be able to profit from ninja looting.  Also there is a restriction so you can only loot items that you can currently wear.  So you have to meet the lvl req, race, and class restrictions, as well as not have another one already (lore), and you will not be able to trade it.  So the best advantage one can gain from ninja looting is "cutting in line" for an item they need.  Of course if people suspect you of automated ninja looting they can take matters in their own hands and train you or grief you.  I will be pursuing scripts to help detect excessively fast looting and also looking at factors that show me you're looting patterns seem unnatural. Also I will accept peoples observations and video links of this at

In addition to that I will be monitoring loot griefing; looting an important corpse and destroying the item(s) that other people may need.  If someone reports that you griefed their loot and it lines up with the evidence from the server logs then I may make that info public as the case may be and vigilante's may grief you back.

In conclusion I take cheating very seriously.  The integrity of this server is my top priority.  I sincerely hope that I have designed this server to be tons of fun to everyone and that people do not feel the need to cheat here in order to have fun.  Punishments will not be excessive but the reputation of being trustworthy will be hard to earn back.  Lets all stay legit and have a good time.

PS: please do not try to donate to the server in order to sway my opinion or get off the hook for something, I am very disciplined and it will not work.

Also if this policy is so strange and foreign that it blows the minds of would be cheaters just remember this: I believe you will have more fun on this server if you choose the legit route rather than choosing the cheating route.  If you are on the fence ask yourself:  What will I really gain by trying to cheat?  Is it really worth the loss of immersion, nostalgia, and sense of accomplishment?  Mabye this will be one server that you decide to set aside the hacks and just play to have fun.  If you have gripes about the gameplay or repetitive things that you don't think are fun please help make the game better by emailing me at and working with me to improve it rather than trying to cheat your way around things you find boring.  Lets stop fighting against eachother, we are on the same team.  Lets instead work together make EQ the best it can be.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Human night vision

rathe mountains at night human with and without infravision

FAQ's - Get to know the server better

1.  What makes this server classic?  Old graphics, old zones, old sounds, no expansions, no progression.  Yes zones are dark, humans can't see that well and infravision and the like are useful.  We are locked in pre-kunark everquest also pre zone additions like plane of fear and hate.  Also some modern amenities like soul binders and new mobs will be removed.  Other aspects may be a mix between modern/classic/custom.  Some things will be tweaked or added to make the game more fun while preserving the rewarding challenge that we all remember from 1999 (not 2001 like some servers) while smoothing out the rough edges that made the game hemmorage players like loosing items etc.

2.  What makes this server hardcore?  Basically no rules.  The only arbitrary rule is no scripts like macroquest.  These can be detected by the server and you will be temp banned.  There will be no perm bans on this server period.  There is nothing you can do to get you a perm ban besides breaking the law.  Things that break the law like doxxing and sexually preying on minors etc certainly may earn you a perm ban though.  However chat log is not recorded so please /ignore anyone you don't want to hear from.  Exemptions from IP restrictions will be very rare and some pretty extraordinary proof will be required.  Don't make yourself look like a fool by abusing our trust.  You can always use mobile hotspot to add an extra box.  If the IP is different, you are good.  If you have an ip exemption and it appears by trained eyes that you are boxing, your ip exemption will be permanently revoked but you won't be banned. You will probably go on a wall of shame though.  So please don't do it.  If you are having a LAN party let me know and I will give temp IP exemptions for each account but don't expect to be camping a raid mob.  If you're having a LAN party go out and play the game.   IP restriction exemptions are not a right on the server and can be revoked at the mere suspicion of misuse.  Those are the only real arbitrary rules.  I hate rules but a couple need to be in there.  Sorry.  But like I said no perm bans unless you are blatantly breaking the law.  Temp ban lengths will not be excessive, should be no more than around a week.

Everything else is fair game.  But that doesn't mean you should do it.  The server is designed in a way to discourage certain practices.  Twinking is discouraged by several factors, (magic items are no drop and 30 second exclusive loot time so camping and logging in a different player to loot is minimized) Power leveling is discouraged by several factors, (no drop and reduced red con xp) boxing is discouraged by several factors. (IP restriction) Basically the way the server is set up it will be very difficult/unrewarding to attempt any of those things.  If someone is doing something you don't like you can train them but you better be in the right so the rest of the players side with your decision.  This is why it is hardcore.  This is not a safe space.  But I hope people can reach a mutual understanding and develop an ettiquite.  You may think this is far fetched but I believe the server is designed to promote this.  I promise you have never seen a server or a game in general quite like this.

3.  What makes the server Casual?  Poopsocking has been minimized by the server setup.  Very few raid mobs, and the ones that do exist will be totally random spawn times.  Currently lady vox and lord nagafen are set to 1.8 day spawning and the variance is 1.8 days.  This means that the second you kill lord nagafen, he could spawn again right then.  So poopsocking should be greatly reduced, instead most people will just stop by to check if anything is up once in a while.  This will also work to inhibit a top guild from dominating the server (Also there will be no in-game guilds). Also all other mob respawn times have been reduced by 40%, this makes the server more hardcore as it may be a little tougher to keep up with pops, and also more casual because again the time spent poopsocking a mob to farm an item will be reduced.  

Return home button can be used once every 8 hours per character.  Also the max level is 50 (soft cap) so no class should have much difficulty soloing to max level if they want.  Another hardcore/casual feature is whoever earns the loot gets the loot.  So if a big guild is killing nagafen and another group is helping and the other group happens to get the killing blow, the loot will go to them.  I am working to work the potential bugs out of that loot system so stay tuned.

Any questions comments or suggestions please email

Friday, October 7, 2016


Oh and I'm actually going to play on the server.  A lot.  And you're going to know who I am.  Unlike some servers' leadership.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Vanity robes with clickies added for lvl 50 toons.  Clickies are non combat based but will be very useful and fun.  They are sold in shop for 10k plat and you can sell them bak to shop for 5k plat.  You can get the whole set of 7 and give yourself 7 buffs and it will be a awesome thing.  You can't see them in shop till you are lvl 50.

I tweaked charm break to a 20% chance.  It started at 25% but I reduced it to 15%.  A person I am working with closely made me aware that charm is op at high levels which is why I met it in the middle since it sucks at lower levels

Red xp multiplier moved down to 110% which is tied with white mobs.  Red will still give more xp because they are a higher level but the multiplier will be the same.   I think it started at 130%, I moved it to 150% then moved it back to 110% because I realized that one of the biggest issues that plagues classic servers is powerleveling.  Yes no drop items will help prevent PLing, but lets be honest people will find ways around that if they really want to.  I have nothing against power-leveling when done right but it tends to disrupt the zone.  So I want to make it less lucrative.  Yellow mobs have a 130% bonus so if you can be selective in the mobs you pick you will powerlevel better and also disrupt less of the zone.  It makes sense; when you face a moderate challenge in life you learn a lot but if the challenge is insane and you happen to just get lucky you learn less.

consumption multiplier (assuming food) was moved from 100 to 120 as I feel food is a little too trivial at the moment.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

To-do list before Alpha release

1. Fix lavastorm and nektulos spawns as the server is set to work with the new zones not the old ones we will be using.

2. Finish adding in vanity and new crafted items.

3. Revamp introductionary quest based on exterminator quest.

4.  Remove soul binders and raid/adventure npc's.

5. lower starting food and drink

6. See if I can acquire a DPS tracking script.

Once this is done I will launch a limited closed alpha, probably around 10 players with full GM powers (except powers to change the server).  Planned for around new years so a couple months from now if everything goes according to plan.

Then an open beta with select GM powers like zoning.  For certain events like boss raids I will set your level and allow you to summon items.

Then I will do a marketing push (hopefully on youtube) and launch the full game.  With launch I will be releasing the server code and database as open source.

Testers/consultants that are especially helpful will be given a small % of all donations received for at least the first year.  I expect to have maybe a handful that really shine as literal game changers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Current server settings

I'm sure I'm missing a few things and these aren't set in stone so please let me know your thoughts!

0.  All classic models and classic zones and classic sounds straight from 1999.  You will need my custom client (only 500 mb!) to achieve this.  When you get blinded by sunbeam for example your screen goes black.  Gfay and nektulos are dark at night for humans (lcd monitors help though).

1.  No corpse runs.  After you die you loose xp (set to 70% of what the live game had) and go back to your bind point with all your gear.  You still have a corpse where you died that can be rezed to get back the xp lost.  You still have to rescribe spells.  This was done to prevent rage quitting, loosing your corpse and being unable to get it back was a sink on the player count because it broke immersion.

2. Fear set to check for break after roughly 4 ticks on average.  Expect fears to typically last 15-20 seconds.

3. No hub zone; everyone spawns in their home city.  Getting to east commons at lvl 4 will be encouraged.

4. Original release zones only.  No kunark or velious, even no plane of hate, fear, paineel, or temple of solsek ro.

5. No progression.  Where the server launches, the server stays.  People who play early aren't the only ones who get to experience pre-xpac EQ.

6. monster corpses decay after 300 seconds. (5 mins)

7.  Monster spawn times have been adjusted to 60% normal.  This means for a common 10 min spawn monster it will now be 6 mins.

8. Monster xp multiplier is light blue 70% blue 90% white 110% yellow 130% red 150% of the normal xp the mob gives.  So if the monster gives 1000 xp if the monster is light blue for you, you would only get 700 xp and if it is red you would get 1500 xp.  This boosts light blue xp a bit which should help classes solo a bit easier.

9. You cannot be bound wherever you want (unless you are casting the spell).  You can only be bound in the set bindable places like normal.

10. You start loosing xp when you die at lvl 6.

11. xp has been lowered in the database to 0.3 from 0.5.  I think 0.5 was faster xp than classic so I lowered it supposedly 40% from that.

12. Food lost per update was raised up high in the database.  I think it maxes out on the classic food loss rate which my server has.  Typical food will dissapear one per real world hour in game.

13.  Summoned black bread and globe of water are no longer temporary.  Mana cost has been raised from 10 to 120 and cast time is quite long to help balance the fact it is permanent.  Also summoned food has zero weight and 100 stacksize so it will be useful to monks.

14. you will be healed when you level up.

15. after 300 seconds of sitting (5 mins) you start getting rested regen while sitting.  This means you will then get 1% of health and mana back per tick.  This still allows bind wound to be useful if you want fast kills.

16.  Max dragged corpses is 6 and you have to get 2000 away from them to pull them.  If there is anything wrong with this setting I will change it to whatever is needed.

17. hard lvl cap is 68 but the highest level mobs will be 55 (bosses) and the occasional lvl 61 special rare mob like kithicor.  I expect a select few players to make it past 60 but it may take years.

18. race/class xp bonus' are on.

19. serverwide auction and ooc chat is on.  You will need to be lvl 7 to use it.

20.  warriors can only taunt monsters 1 over their level.  This will be tough for the lvl 55 bosses as most players will take a very long time to reach lvl 54.

21. Flee hp ratio is set to 25, default was 21. flee multiplier set to 1.6 default was 2 which means when monsters run they aren't too fast.

22.  No guilds.  Think of the whole server as a guild that you can talk to in ooc.  I think guild rivalry was a negative divisive aspect in many mmo's I have played.

23.  no mercs, no bots, IP limit to one game instance per IP.  You can use mobile internet to add a player which is not against the rules.  The only enforcement will be if you are using scripts to control your box which the server can detect.  You will get a temp ban if you are found to be using software automation/scripts, duping via scripts, etc.

24.  Monster corpses will unlock after 30 seconds so better roll before the fight!  after 30 seconds anyone can loot the corpse.  This is mostly to prevent camp switch to pickup no-drop/lore items.

25. charm break check chance is 15% from standard 25%.  This means charming monsters will be a bit less dangerous and frustrating.

26.  2% chance for succor spell failure for an individual player.  Was 1%.

27. You can play 2 characters from the same account from different ip's.  So your buddy can log into a player on your account if you want.  Don't give out your password to anyone you don't trust 100%!!!

28. Home button will work after 8 hours. This means if you were stuck in a dungeon and set up camp you can return to your home city after being logged off for 8 hours.  Also you can run somewhere to do something and come back in 8 hours and get a free trip home.   Or you can use this button to go home to buy new spells.  This incentivizes sleeping a full 8 hours lol.

29.  Weather timer is default 600 seconds (10 mins). no p99 style super long rain.

30.  The server is set to NOT log any conversations that you have.  So you can speak freely knowing your convo's are not recorded or monitored.  Also nothing you say in game can be used as incrimination for disiplinary action (because since it's not recorded it's just hearsay).  If someone says something you don't like just /ignore them. Anything that is possible to do is allowed so if you can find ways around things that is your perogative and more power to you.  If someone trains mobs ontop of you or something it is not against the rules.  Mobs are first come first serve but mobs can be stolen. Bieng mean is discouraged by the in-game consequence of other players shunning you.

So ya basically the intention is to keep the feel and nostalgia (of course) of classic EQ but not have stockholm syndrome so we smooth out the abusive rough edges.  This is open to change before release (maybe in a limited way after release) so if you want these changed please let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chopping down the database

**edit I messed some items up in the database but they are from later expansions so not of much consequence 1. Elder spiritists boots removed  from the db 2. 10 dose potion of scoriae bite removed from db 3. lumberjack pale ale has been edited 4. fuzzlecutter 5000 has been edited 5. human pickles have been edited 6. cactus pie has been edited 7. gator gulp ale has been edited.

I figured out how to not mess old items up in the future so hopefully no more items will be changed**

I have been rooting through the database with heidisql (awesome program btw) and cutting out everything that doesn't pertain to the original zones.  The only negative effect that has come with this is things that no longer are in the database when the game encounters them it goes to a "default" setting in the database.  This is done so there are no errors of course but this is kind of bad because now you can pick froglok or vah shir or iksar even though their starting zones don't exist it just sends you to qeynos.  So it looks like at some point I will have to go in and work on the server code itself which is something I am not very keen on doing.  Another side effect seems to be the lighting has returned to classic dark!  By using the original zone files in the client and removing extraneous zones in the database, it seems that nights are as dark as they used to be!  (well if you go buy a crummy dark CRT from goodwill ;).  But ya it seems pretty dark like I remember especially in nektulos and gfay but cranking the brightness on my LCD I can still see pretty much everything but ya.  I think it is as close as I can get it for the forseeable future.

But anyway future plans are to (based on priority) 1. make crafted items tradable again 2. fix monster spawns in lavastorm and nektulos and elsewhere.
3. fix direction you are facing when you zone somewhere. 4. remove guilds (using serverwide ooc chat so we are all in the same 'guild')

if time permits (these things would probably be done in the testing phase or after release) 1. make it so you cannot select vah shir, iksar, froglok  2. get boats working 3. make night darker by editing zones in 3dstudiomax (or whatever the program is). 4. write the starting quest (basically a how-to journey to east commons)  and make youtube videos explaining how to start as a given race.

Expect a closed alpha release by the end of 2016.  Server may be not be up consistently because I don't have a permanent server setup yet but it should be good enough for you all to help me find the most blatant bugs to fix and tuning aspects of classes I am not familiar with.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Working on the item database

So I spent a lot of time today working on the items database to get items nodrop.  First what I did was cut out all items added to the database after 2004.  The database started in 2003 so I assume that all the old items will have gotten added in the year and a half before 2005.  This brought the items from 92,000 to 37,000.  Next I sorted by magic items.  Magic items are marked with a 1 in the magic column in the item table in the database.  So all the magic items went to the bottom after sorting.  Next I unshowed all the columns except the nodrop and name columns.  Then I search and replace from cursor all 1's in the nodrop column to 0's (0 means no drop).  So that is how I got all magic items no drop.  Next I made all spells droppable again by sorting by name and spells all have "spell:" in their name.  So I made sure the only columns showing were name and nodrop and did a search and replace 0 for 1 and did notify on replace and clicked yes over and over until all spells (and then songs) were set to 1 so they can be dropped (and therefore traded).

Also while I was there I changed all spells to a 1 stacksize because it is annoying every spell you buy it try's to sell you a whole stack of 20.

Also I went and made summoned food and water not 'norent' so it lasts more than one session.  Changed cast time recovery time and recast time from 4000,
1500,1500 to 4,000, 20000,10000. and changed the weight of food from 1 to 1.2 and drink from 0.4 to 0.8.  This makes summoning food something people will actually do but it will be a little more time consuming to do and the food will be pretty heavy (weight doesn't seem to be working though).  I also made the mana cost from 10 to 50.

I also changed the dwarven mace to no trade even though it isn't a magic item it is a quest drop.

I still need to change any +stat items that are not magical to no drop then change player crafted items back to tradable (undo the no drop).

Changed all +stat items to no drop.  Now need to go back and undo foods, potions, jewelry, and crafted armor to be tradable again.  So as of now all magic items and all +stat items are no drop.  Also I need to find all non magical droppable quest items and make them no drop.  Almost there!

All of the obvious foods and some jewlrey were changed back to tradable.  I will continue working on getting crafted items to be tradable but I will inevitably miss some so please keep an eye out for crafted items I need to make tradable in the alpha and beta.  Also if something is not no trade and is not crafted and is magic or has +stats or is a part of a quest please let me know so I can fix it and make it no trade!

More info about the server

NostalgiaEQ is a classic old school server.  There will be no expansions, it is a pre-kunark server.  No plane of knowledge, no plane of hate or fear even.  No temple of solsek ro, no paineel, no plane of sky.  Kerra ridge and splitpaw revamps are planned to be reversed.  I think keeping this game "small" is important for a couple reasons.  First it is 17 years after EQ release so there aren't going to be tens of thousands of players to fill out hundreds and hundreds of zones.  The most important part of an MMO is teamwork so I think the world should be small enough so a couple hundred players can fill it out adequately.

That said I want to keep things fresh so along with a persistent server I plan to have a ladder server that resets every year.  Very similar to Diablo 2 in this regard.  The persistent server may be the "beta" server where changes are made first.

The main theme of the server is 1. to get eq to the pre kunark state but 2. Just as important as that tuning and fixing problems.  I don't put the EQ devs on a pedestal, they made some mistakes that need to be corrected.  I like to reverse engineer reasons of why things were done a certain way, and when knowing that, possibly better solutions can be found.  That said I do not take EQ for granted and deeply respect how it was made.

Some examples are the spawn timer.  Most monsters were set to 10 minutes.  When you are sitting there waiting for 10 minutes it seems a tad bit long.  I like a decent amount of downtime but this is a little excessive.  I think they may have made it that long to slow content consumptions so there may be no reason we can't shorten that.  So as of right now the 10 min spawns have been lowered to 6 mins.

Also the economy of EQ is challenged.  Everquest was made so that players camped special gear they needed.  By having almost everything tradable, it becomes smarter to just save up plat and buy items you need.  This takes away from the pride of ownership of you didn't have to suffer a bit to get the gear you need.  You can just look at P99 server and see how much "mudflation" gets out of control.  EQ should have had those special items be no-trade.  So in NostalgiaEQ most special items will be no-trade except player crafted items andmaybe  some select others that are not practical to camp.

Another aspect of NostalgiaEQ is the client.  Currently the client is a hybrid between 989 original release EQ and Titanium.  I wouldn't use titanium except it is needed to link up with a server.  No one has created a server to run 1999 EQ so I have to make something titanium compatible.  I am trying to get as many assets as possible for the client from the original EQ release but some things like weapon models skeleton models will have to be modern because the original assets seem to be lost.  I imagine this is because they pirated those models from other games but possibly the server can be set to use older models so I will look into that.  But there will be a separate client to use with NostalgiaEQ.  Right now the client is only 500mb and I intend to keep it around that size which is quite amazingly small so I am very happy about that.

Right now I am working on making items no-drop, getting mobs back in old lavastorm, fixing the direction you are facing when entering a new zone, fixing discrepancies between mobs in the old zones I'm using and the mobs the server places in the zones.  If time permits I will also work on spells to get them closer to how they used to be.  So that is mostly the status so far.  I plan on opening up a locked alpha in a couple months once most of the issues I just listed are taken care of.

There will be no halloween events and christmas events etc.  The game will be the game and thats it.  There may be live GM events, perhaps very often.  But they will be live directed events not pre-created junk dropped into the server.  

Of course the server is free to play but there will be zero pay to gain stuff at all.  No donators will ever gain anything special, superficial or not.  I repeat: Donators will gain nothing by donating period.  Donations are very appreciated but please donate to support the project growing not to get special treatment.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome to NostalgiaEQ!

Thanks for stopping by.  NostalgiaEQ is a free, open source, and independent EverQuest server that you will be able to play.  It is not affiliated with Daybreak Games; the current owner of the EQ franchise.  It is totally free to play and there will be no purchasable items or content, everyone will be on the same footing. This is a fan project to preserve the game as it originally was at its release in 1999 (and eventually Kunark and Velious as well).  We are using modern Everquest Titanium as a starting point so it won't be exactly how it was in '99 but I will try to get it as close as possible.  We are open to earlier clients like TAKP and Trilogy if they are ever gotten working.  Since this server is fully 100% open source, we plan on having our own server rotate through the three classic expansions and back again resetting every few years.  However since our database is open source, your characters will be safe and saved so there is nothing to worry about lost progress.

Let's watch as a community grows that meets or exceeds the fun and teamwork that we remember from back in the day.  I hope new players will come too and experience what made the original everquest so great and a legend to this day.  My hope is that we learn about MMORPG's and survival games and how they work and use this server as an inspiration for the next generation of games.

The beta server release is anticipated in 2022.  The beta server will have characters wiped after the main server is launched.  Current plan is to give you GM powers in beta so you can go everywhere and do everything and look for bugs in beta. 

Please subscribe to the right side via Email or below via RSS (atom) as I will be posting once in a while about development work on the server and updates including server rules.

Please join the discord as this is where the community is and the best place to get updates and more info about the project.