Thursday, September 29, 2016

More info about the server

NostalgiaEQ is a classic old school server.  There will be no expansions, it is a pre-kunark server.  No plane of knowledge, no plane of hate or fear even.  No temple of solsek ro, no paineel, no plane of sky.  Kerra ridge and splitpaw revamps are planned to be reversed.  I think keeping this game "small" is important for a couple reasons.  First it is 17 years after EQ release so there aren't going to be tens of thousands of players to fill out hundreds and hundreds of zones.  The most important part of an MMO is teamwork so I think the world should be small enough so a couple hundred players can fill it out adequately.

That said I want to keep things fresh so along with a persistent server I plan to have a ladder server that resets every year.  Very similar to Diablo 2 in this regard.  The persistent server may be the "beta" server where changes are made first.

The main theme of the server is 1. to get eq to the pre kunark state but 2. Just as important as that tuning and fixing problems.  I don't put the EQ devs on a pedestal, they made some mistakes that need to be corrected.  I like to reverse engineer reasons of why things were done a certain way, and when knowing that, possibly better solutions can be found.  That said I do not take EQ for granted and deeply respect how it was made.

Some examples are the spawn timer.  Most monsters were set to 10 minutes.  When you are sitting there waiting for 10 minutes it seems a tad bit long.  I like a decent amount of downtime but this is a little excessive.  I think they may have made it that long to slow content consumptions so there may be no reason we can't shorten that.  So as of right now the 10 min spawns have been lowered to 6 mins.

Also the economy of EQ is challenged.  Everquest was made so that players camped special gear they needed.  By having almost everything tradable, it becomes smarter to just save up plat and buy items you need.  This takes away from the pride of ownership of you didn't have to suffer a bit to get the gear you need.  You can just look at P99 server and see how much "mudflation" gets out of control.  EQ should have had those special items be no-trade.  So in NostalgiaEQ most special items will be no-trade except player crafted items andmaybe  some select others that are not practical to camp.

Another aspect of NostalgiaEQ is the client.  Currently the client is a hybrid between 989 original release EQ and Titanium.  I wouldn't use titanium except it is needed to link up with a server.  No one has created a server to run 1999 EQ so I have to make something titanium compatible.  I am trying to get as many assets as possible for the client from the original EQ release but some things like weapon models skeleton models will have to be modern because the original assets seem to be lost.  I imagine this is because they pirated those models from other games but possibly the server can be set to use older models so I will look into that.  But there will be a separate client to use with NostalgiaEQ.  Right now the client is only 500mb and I intend to keep it around that size which is quite amazingly small so I am very happy about that.

Right now I am working on making items no-drop, getting mobs back in old lavastorm, fixing the direction you are facing when entering a new zone, fixing discrepancies between mobs in the old zones I'm using and the mobs the server places in the zones.  If time permits I will also work on spells to get them closer to how they used to be.  So that is mostly the status so far.  I plan on opening up a locked alpha in a couple months once most of the issues I just listed are taken care of.

There will be no halloween events and christmas events etc.  The game will be the game and thats it.  There may be live GM events, perhaps very often.  But they will be live directed events not pre-created junk dropped into the server.  

Of course the server is free to play but there will be zero pay to gain stuff at all.  No donators will ever gain anything special, superficial or not.  I repeat: Donators will gain nothing by donating period.  Donations are very appreciated but please donate to support the project growing not to get special treatment.