Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome to NostalgiaEQ!

Thanks for stopping by.  NostalgiaEQ is a free, open source, and independent EverQuest server that you will be able to play.  It is not affiliated with Daybreak Games; the current owner of the EQ franchise.  It is totally free to play and there will be no purchasable items or content, everyone will be on the same footing. This is a fan project to preserve the game as it originally was at its release in 1999 (and eventually Kunark and Velious as well).  We are using modern Everquest Titanium as a starting point so it won't be exactly how it was in '99 but I will try to get it as close as possible.  We are open to earlier clients like TAKP and Trilogy if they are ever gotten working.  Since this server is fully 100% open source, we plan on having our own server rotate through the three classic expansions and back again resetting every few years.  However since our database is open source, your characters will be safe and saved so there is nothing to worry about lost progress.

Let's watch as a community grows that meets or exceeds the fun and teamwork that we remember from back in the day.  I hope new players will come too and experience what made the original everquest so great and a legend to this day.  My hope is that we learn about MMORPG's and survival games and how they work and use this server as an inspiration for the next generation of games.

The beta server release is anticipated in 2022.  The beta server will have characters wiped after the main server is launched.  Current plan is to give you GM powers in beta so you can go everywhere and do everything and look for bugs in beta. 

Please subscribe to the right side via Email or below via RSS (atom) as I will be posting once in a while about development work on the server and updates including server rules.

Please join the discord as this is where the community is and the best place to get updates and more info about the project.