Thursday, September 29, 2016

Working on the item database

So I spent a lot of time today working on the items database to get items nodrop.  First what I did was cut out all items added to the database after 2004.  The database started in 2003 so I assume that all the old items will have gotten added in the year and a half before 2005.  This brought the items from 92,000 to 37,000.  Next I sorted by magic items.  Magic items are marked with a 1 in the magic column in the item table in the database.  So all the magic items went to the bottom after sorting.  Next I unshowed all the columns except the nodrop and name columns.  Then I search and replace from cursor all 1's in the nodrop column to 0's (0 means no drop).  So that is how I got all magic items no drop.  Next I made all spells droppable again by sorting by name and spells all have "spell:" in their name.  So I made sure the only columns showing were name and nodrop and did a search and replace 0 for 1 and did notify on replace and clicked yes over and over until all spells (and then songs) were set to 1 so they can be dropped (and therefore traded).

Also while I was there I changed all spells to a 1 stacksize because it is annoying every spell you buy it try's to sell you a whole stack of 20.

Also I went and made summoned food and water not 'norent' so it lasts more than one session.  Changed cast time recovery time and recast time from 4000,
1500,1500 to 4,000, 20000,10000. and changed the weight of food from 1 to 1.2 and drink from 0.4 to 0.8.  This makes summoning food something people will actually do but it will be a little more time consuming to do and the food will be pretty heavy (weight doesn't seem to be working though).  I also made the mana cost from 10 to 50.

I also changed the dwarven mace to no trade even though it isn't a magic item it is a quest drop.

I still need to change any +stat items that are not magical to no drop then change player crafted items back to tradable (undo the no drop).

Changed all +stat items to no drop.  Now need to go back and undo foods, potions, jewelry, and crafted armor to be tradable again.  So as of now all magic items and all +stat items are no drop.  Also I need to find all non magical droppable quest items and make them no drop.  Almost there!

All of the obvious foods and some jewlrey were changed back to tradable.  I will continue working on getting crafted items to be tradable but I will inevitably miss some so please keep an eye out for crafted items I need to make tradable in the alpha and beta.  Also if something is not no trade and is not crafted and is magic or has +stats or is a part of a quest please let me know so I can fix it and make it no trade!