Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cheating Policy

As with any Legit server, there will be people trying to gain an unfair advantage.  They wish to bypass the challenge.  I feel sorry for these people.  I love the challenge and I hope that the reason you come to this server is you are looking forward to the challenge, not shying away from it.  That said I welcome people who have had a past of cheating and I hope you can find a place here where you look forward to the challenge instead of bypassing it.  I'm not out to get you and drop a ban hammer so I hope you can respect that and choose not to engage in it.  What will happen is any unfair advantage you gain by cheating will be revoked (like items or whatnot, and it will be easy to do since almost everything is no-drop) and you will face a temp ban up to a maximum of 2 weeks, and if the case dictates you may be placed on a public "watch list".  Like I said I'm not being particularly harsh so I hope you can respect that and choose to refrain from cheating.

To be "caught" cheating there needs to be articulable evidence against you.  Similar to probable cause.  Chat logs do not constitute viable evidence.  So if someone is pestering you about how they hacked this or cheated that, truthfully the best thing you can do is /ignore them so please do that.  The server logs any anomalies it notices.  Also people can email to report suspicious things or provide evidence of cheating including links to video's, pictures, explanations of the situation etc.  I don't "do" self incrimination so if you are providing evidence of cheating you better have recorded or "print screen" the evidence yourself.  Don't link me to a vid or article of someone bragging about cheating or posting their own screenshots/videos.  Again I don't believe in self incrimination.  But feel free to share self incriminating things people post to the community so others can be on the lookout.  Also I DEFINITELY don't agree with entrapment so anyone (even a GM) found to be trying to entrap someone to commit an offense will be disciplined themselves and any evidence gained by entrapment or even encouraging someone to commit an offense will be either thrown out or the entrapper will recieve the same punishment as the offender as the case may be.  In the case of entrapment please use the /report function to log the last 100 lines of chat and send me an email at the usual address. If you have faced disciplinary action and want a summary of the evidence (that doesn't incriminate the reporter) and an explanation and/or make an appeal then email as well.  Anyone who -reports- cheating will not have their identity divulged.  

Also there is no rule against posting how to exploit bugs in the server or for actually exploiting bugs or posts about how-to do cheating/hacking.  Of course there are rules against actually cheating/hacking though.  If there is a bug that is my problem not yours.  I will announce my intention to fix/change anything when I have made that decision so you won't be investing in a method that eventually will be removed.  

There is also no rule against real money trade. No GM or anyone with GM power will ever offer items for sale or donation (if they do /report it and email, but players can do what they want with their own items or passwords.  However please keep it off public chat channels because people will likely /ignore you or train you with mobs. Also basically all inportant items are no trade so selling items will not be possible.  Also passwords can't be changed so buying or selling an account would be very risky.  KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SAFE!  I cannot see your password so if you forget it, I cannot change it or tell you what it is!

Scamming is strongly discouraged but punishing scammers will not be done.  Firstly, again, no important items will be tradable.  Second if you want to lend an item or do a multi part trade or make a contract it is up to YOU to enforce that.  If you can't enforce it then don't make the deal.  A good way to enforce it is to take screenshots and make a public post pleading your case if you get scammed so people can be aware.  Again passwords cannot be reset so don't make the mistake of giving anyone your password.

If there is a reasonable suspicion that you are cheating you will be put on an internal "watch list".  This means people involved with the server will be checking up on you.  Personally I will be transparent about this, if I am watching you I will do it with my main Nature.  I cannot speak for others though.

If it progresses past reasonable suspicion and there is articulable evidence you are cheating then you will face a removal of advantages you gained like items you probably gained from cheating, temp ban of IP(s) and account(s) up to 2 weeks, and possibly being placed on a public watch list.  Articulable evidence is similar to probable cause.  We can't have trial by jury and whatnot lol so this is probably as good as it will get I'm afraid.  If you are falsely accused; my deepest regrets and apologies but know the worst that can happen is a temp ban anyway.

Extra attention will be given to automated ninja looting.  This would have particularly bad effect on this server so we will be putting in extra resources to detecting and preventing this.  It will be dis-incentivized by having virtually all important items being lore and no-drop so you won't be able to profit from ninja looting.  Also there is a restriction so you can only loot items that you can currently wear.  So you have to meet the lvl req, race, and class restrictions, as well as not have another one already (lore), and you will not be able to trade it.  So the best advantage one can gain from ninja looting is "cutting in line" for an item they need.  Of course if people suspect you of automated ninja looting they can take matters in their own hands and train you or grief you.  I will be pursuing scripts to help detect excessively fast looting and also looking at factors that show me you're looting patterns seem unnatural. Also I will accept peoples observations and video links of this at

In addition to that I will be monitoring loot griefing; looting an important corpse and destroying the item(s) that other people may need.  If someone reports that you griefed their loot and it lines up with the evidence from the server logs then I may make that info public as the case may be and vigilante's may grief you back.

In conclusion I take cheating very seriously.  The integrity of this server is my top priority.  I sincerely hope that I have designed this server to be tons of fun to everyone and that people do not feel the need to cheat here in order to have fun.  Punishments will not be excessive but the reputation of being trustworthy will be hard to earn back.  Lets all stay legit and have a good time.

PS: please do not try to donate to the server in order to sway my opinion or get off the hook for something, I am very disciplined and it will not work.

Also if this policy is so strange and foreign that it blows the minds of would be cheaters just remember this: I believe you will have more fun on this server if you choose the legit route rather than choosing the cheating route.  If you are on the fence ask yourself:  What will I really gain by trying to cheat?  Is it really worth the loss of immersion, nostalgia, and sense of accomplishment?  Mabye this will be one server that you decide to set aside the hacks and just play to have fun.  If you have gripes about the gameplay or repetitive things that you don't think are fun please help make the game better by emailing me at and working with me to improve it rather than trying to cheat your way around things you find boring.  Lets stop fighting against eachother, we are on the same team.  Lets instead work together make EQ the best it can be.