Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chopping down the database

**edit I messed some items up in the database but they are from later expansions so not of much consequence 1. Elder spiritists boots removed  from the db 2. 10 dose potion of scoriae bite removed from db 3. lumberjack pale ale has been edited 4. fuzzlecutter 5000 has been edited 5. human pickles have been edited 6. cactus pie has been edited 7. gator gulp ale has been edited.

I figured out how to not mess old items up in the future so hopefully no more items will be changed**

I have been rooting through the database with heidisql (awesome program btw) and cutting out everything that doesn't pertain to the original zones.  The only negative effect that has come with this is things that no longer are in the database when the game encounters them it goes to a "default" setting in the database.  This is done so there are no errors of course but this is kind of bad because now you can pick froglok or vah shir or iksar even though their starting zones don't exist it just sends you to qeynos.  So it looks like at some point I will have to go in and work on the server code itself which is something I am not very keen on doing.  Another side effect seems to be the lighting has returned to classic dark!  By using the original zone files in the client and removing extraneous zones in the database, it seems that nights are as dark as they used to be!  (well if you go buy a crummy dark CRT from goodwill ;).  But ya it seems pretty dark like I remember especially in nektulos and gfay but cranking the brightness on my LCD I can still see pretty much everything but ya.  I think it is as close as I can get it for the forseeable future.

But anyway future plans are to (based on priority) 1. make crafted items tradable again 2. fix monster spawns in lavastorm and nektulos and elsewhere.
3. fix direction you are facing when you zone somewhere. 4. remove guilds (using serverwide ooc chat so we are all in the same 'guild')

if time permits (these things would probably be done in the testing phase or after release) 1. make it so you cannot select vah shir, iksar, froglok  2. get boats working 3. make night darker by editing zones in 3dstudiomax (or whatever the program is). 4. write the starting quest (basically a how-to journey to east commons)  and make youtube videos explaining how to start as a given race.

Expect a closed alpha release by the end of 2016.  Server may be not be up consistently because I don't have a permanent server setup yet but it should be good enough for you all to help me find the most blatant bugs to fix and tuning aspects of classes I am not familiar with.