Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Current server settings

I'm sure I'm missing a few things and these aren't set in stone so please let me know your thoughts!

0.  All classic models and classic zones and classic sounds straight from 1999.  You will need my custom client (only 500 mb!) to achieve this.  When you get blinded by sunbeam for example your screen goes black.  Gfay and nektulos are dark at night for humans (lcd monitors help though).

1.  No corpse runs.  After you die you loose xp (set to 70% of what the live game had) and go back to your bind point with all your gear.  You still have a corpse where you died that can be rezed to get back the xp lost.  You still have to rescribe spells.  This was done to prevent rage quitting, loosing your corpse and being unable to get it back was a sink on the player count because it broke immersion.

2. Fear set to check for break after roughly 4 ticks on average.  Expect fears to typically last 15-20 seconds.

3. No hub zone; everyone spawns in their home city.  Getting to east commons at lvl 4 will be encouraged.

4. Original release zones only.  No kunark or velious, even no plane of hate, fear, paineel, or temple of solsek ro.

5. No progression.  Where the server launches, the server stays.  People who play early aren't the only ones who get to experience pre-xpac EQ.

6. monster corpses decay after 300 seconds. (5 mins)

7.  Monster spawn times have been adjusted to 60% normal.  This means for a common 10 min spawn monster it will now be 6 mins.

8. Monster xp multiplier is light blue 70% blue 90% white 110% yellow 130% red 150% of the normal xp the mob gives.  So if the monster gives 1000 xp if the monster is light blue for you, you would only get 700 xp and if it is red you would get 1500 xp.  This boosts light blue xp a bit which should help classes solo a bit easier.

9. You cannot be bound wherever you want (unless you are casting the spell).  You can only be bound in the set bindable places like normal.

10. You start loosing xp when you die at lvl 6.

11. xp has been lowered in the database to 0.3 from 0.5.  I think 0.5 was faster xp than classic so I lowered it supposedly 40% from that.

12. Food lost per update was raised up high in the database.  I think it maxes out on the classic food loss rate which my server has.  Typical food will dissapear one per real world hour in game.

13.  Summoned black bread and globe of water are no longer temporary.  Mana cost has been raised from 10 to 120 and cast time is quite long to help balance the fact it is permanent.  Also summoned food has zero weight and 100 stacksize so it will be useful to monks.

14. you will be healed when you level up.

15. after 300 seconds of sitting (5 mins) you start getting rested regen while sitting.  This means you will then get 1% of health and mana back per tick.  This still allows bind wound to be useful if you want fast kills.

16.  Max dragged corpses is 6 and you have to get 2000 away from them to pull them.  If there is anything wrong with this setting I will change it to whatever is needed.

17. hard lvl cap is 68 but the highest level mobs will be 55 (bosses) and the occasional lvl 61 special rare mob like kithicor.  I expect a select few players to make it past 60 but it may take years.

18. race/class xp bonus' are on.

19. serverwide auction and ooc chat is on.  You will need to be lvl 7 to use it.

20.  warriors can only taunt monsters 1 over their level.  This will be tough for the lvl 55 bosses as most players will take a very long time to reach lvl 54.

21. Flee hp ratio is set to 25, default was 21. flee multiplier set to 1.6 default was 2 which means when monsters run they aren't too fast.

22.  No guilds.  Think of the whole server as a guild that you can talk to in ooc.  I think guild rivalry was a negative divisive aspect in many mmo's I have played.

23.  no mercs, no bots, IP limit to one game instance per IP.  You can use mobile internet to add a player which is not against the rules.  The only enforcement will be if you are using scripts to control your box which the server can detect.  You will get a temp ban if you are found to be using software automation/scripts, duping via scripts, etc.

24.  Monster corpses will unlock after 30 seconds so better roll before the fight!  after 30 seconds anyone can loot the corpse.  This is mostly to prevent camp switch to pickup no-drop/lore items.

25. charm break check chance is 15% from standard 25%.  This means charming monsters will be a bit less dangerous and frustrating.

26.  2% chance for succor spell failure for an individual player.  Was 1%.

27. You can play 2 characters from the same account from different ip's.  So your buddy can log into a player on your account if you want.  Don't give out your password to anyone you don't trust 100%!!!

28. Home button will work after 8 hours. This means if you were stuck in a dungeon and set up camp you can return to your home city after being logged off for 8 hours.  Also you can run somewhere to do something and come back in 8 hours and get a free trip home.   Or you can use this button to go home to buy new spells.  This incentivizes sleeping a full 8 hours lol.

29.  Weather timer is default 600 seconds (10 mins). no p99 style super long rain.

30.  The server is set to NOT log any conversations that you have.  So you can speak freely knowing your convo's are not recorded or monitored.  Also nothing you say in game can be used as incrimination for disiplinary action (because since it's not recorded it's just hearsay).  If someone says something you don't like just /ignore them. Anything that is possible to do is allowed so if you can find ways around things that is your perogative and more power to you.  If someone trains mobs ontop of you or something it is not against the rules.  Mobs are first come first serve but mobs can be stolen. Bieng mean is discouraged by the in-game consequence of other players shunning you.

So ya basically the intention is to keep the feel and nostalgia (of course) of classic EQ but not have stockholm syndrome so we smooth out the abusive rough edges.  This is open to change before release (maybe in a limited way after release) so if you want these changed please let me know what you think!  nostalgiaeq@gmail.com