Saturday, October 8, 2016

FAQ's - Get to know the server better

1.  What makes this server classic?  Old graphics, old zones, old sounds, no expansions, no progression.  Yes zones are dark, humans can't see that well and infravision and the like are useful.  We are locked in pre-kunark everquest also pre zone additions like plane of fear and hate.  Also some modern amenities like soul binders and new mobs will be removed.  Other aspects may be a mix between modern/classic/custom.  Some things will be tweaked or added to make the game more fun while preserving the rewarding challenge that we all remember from 1999 (not 2001 like some servers) while smoothing out the rough edges that made the game hemmorage players like loosing items etc.

2.  What makes this server hardcore?  Basically no rules.  The only arbitrary rule is no scripts like macroquest.  These can be detected by the server and you will be temp banned.  There will be no perm bans on this server period.  There is nothing you can do to get you a perm ban besides breaking the law.  Things that break the law like doxxing and sexually preying on minors etc certainly may earn you a perm ban though.  However chat log is not recorded so please /ignore anyone you don't want to hear from.  Exemptions from IP restrictions will be very rare and some pretty extraordinary proof will be required.  Don't make yourself look like a fool by abusing our trust.  You can always use mobile hotspot to add an extra box.  If the IP is different, you are good.  If you have an ip exemption and it appears by trained eyes that you are boxing, your ip exemption will be permanently revoked but you won't be banned. You will probably go on a wall of shame though.  So please don't do it.  If you are having a LAN party let me know and I will give temp IP exemptions for each account but don't expect to be camping a raid mob.  If you're having a LAN party go out and play the game.   IP restriction exemptions are not a right on the server and can be revoked at the mere suspicion of misuse.  Those are the only real arbitrary rules.  I hate rules but a couple need to be in there.  Sorry.  But like I said no perm bans unless you are blatantly breaking the law.  Temp ban lengths will not be excessive, should be no more than around a week.

Everything else is fair game.  But that doesn't mean you should do it.  The server is designed in a way to discourage certain practices.  Twinking is discouraged by several factors, (magic items are no drop and 30 second exclusive loot time so camping and logging in a different player to loot is minimized) Power leveling is discouraged by several factors, (no drop and reduced red con xp) boxing is discouraged by several factors. (IP restriction) Basically the way the server is set up it will be very difficult/unrewarding to attempt any of those things.  If someone is doing something you don't like you can train them but you better be in the right so the rest of the players side with your decision.  This is why it is hardcore.  This is not a safe space.  But I hope people can reach a mutual understanding and develop an ettiquite.  You may think this is far fetched but I believe the server is designed to promote this.  I promise you have never seen a server or a game in general quite like this.

3.  What makes the server Casual?  Poopsocking has been minimized by the server setup.  Very few raid mobs, and the ones that do exist will be totally random spawn times.  Currently lady vox and lord nagafen are set to 1.8 day spawning and the variance is 1.8 days.  This means that the second you kill lord nagafen, he could spawn again right then.  So poopsocking should be greatly reduced, instead most people will just stop by to check if anything is up once in a while.  This will also work to inhibit a top guild from dominating the server (Also there will be no in-game guilds). Also all other mob respawn times have been reduced by 40%, this makes the server more hardcore as it may be a little tougher to keep up with pops, and also more casual because again the time spent poopsocking a mob to farm an item will be reduced.  

Return home button can be used once every 8 hours per character.  Also the max level is 50 (soft cap) so no class should have much difficulty soloing to max level if they want.  Another hardcore/casual feature is whoever earns the loot gets the loot.  So if a big guild is killing nagafen and another group is helping and the other group happens to get the killing blow, the loot will go to them.  I am working to work the potential bugs out of that loot system so stay tuned.

Any questions comments or suggestions please email