Saturday, October 15, 2016

Known bugs looking for solutions

Known bugs with no solution known

1.  Oversized torches
2. Day/Night lighting may be off, zone out and back to reset it.  Started happening after increasing zone reset times and/or increasing amount of zones up. **Figured out, turning sky off in zone table makes the day/night cycle stop working sometimes**
3. Wolves and wolf form is too small, shrink makes them bigger
4. moss snakes in nektulos no model
5. skeletons are new models
6. Karana
7. boats have no collisions
8. zone features that should be invisible are visible and look like human characters.

Things to check/test

1. that all tradeskill items are tradable.
2. if any amount of players in any zones cause server lag (from amount of zones up, zone reset time, no-idle source change, clip plane modifications)
3. spawntimes bieng shortened works ok
4. that "mysterious voice" messages only come up at lvl 15, no other level.
5. That new items and quests are working well.
6. That lavastorm teleportation to druid rings working well.
7.  That summon food and drink spells are working well.
8. That all soulbinders and adventure/raid npc's are removed.
9.  if any weapons or armor aren't showing up.
10. that all the zoning points are correct and your charecter is pointing the right direction after you zone.

To Do

1. Remove souldbinders and raid/adventure npc's
2. Remove non classic mobs 
3.  Remove non classic barges (oasis)
4.  Fix Lavastorm mobs 
5. make starting points at guildmaster