Thursday, October 6, 2016

To-do list before Alpha release

1. Fix lavastorm and nektulos spawns as the server is set to work with the new zones not the old ones we will be using.

2. Finish adding in vanity and new crafted items.

3. Revamp introductionary quest based on exterminator quest.

4.  Remove soul binders and raid/adventure npc's.

5. lower starting food and drink

6. See if I can acquire a DPS tracking script.

Once this is done I will launch a limited closed alpha, probably around 10 players with full GM powers (except powers to change the server).  Planned for around new years so a couple months from now if everything goes according to plan.

Then an open beta with select GM powers like zoning.  For certain events like boss raids I will set your level and allow you to summon items.

Then I will do a marketing push (hopefully on youtube) and launch the full game.  With launch I will be releasing the server code and database as open source.

Testers/consultants that are especially helpful will be given a small % of all donations received for at least the first year.  I expect to have maybe a handful that really shine as literal game changers.