Friday, October 14, 2016

Update 2

Arthikus lvl 33 mummy in oasis was at a 50% spawn rate with a crypt mummy at the other 50%, Arthikus was lowered to 20% spawn rate.

Lockjaw, Fabled Lockjaw, and a crocodile were each at 1/3 chance of spawning at 2 spawn points. This was lowered to 20% chance for LJ, 10% chance for fabled, and 70% chance of croc.  Also the spawn_limit of the spawngroup (2113) was changed to 1 so hopefully only one lockjaw can be up at once.

Server source has been edited to turn zone idle to off.  This means mobs and boats keep moving even when there is noone in the zone.

In addition to that I turned zone reset time of all zones (76 zones total in this server) to 8 hours.  This means if you are the only one in a zone and leave it then come back it won't reset the mob spawns.

Also all 76 zones are launched in the .bat launcher and in the launcher table in the database so people can be in every zone at the same time.

The "consumption multiplier" in the rule values table was changed from 100 to 200 in an effort to make food be used up faster.  Not really looking like its working but may need more testing.  I do want food to be used up faster so perhaps I just have to go in and edit each piece of food manually.  I want food to be used somewhere in between minecraft and eq; eq is too slow and minecraft is too fast.

Thats about it.  I am trying to get some server source code working with Uleat on the forum to make it so you can only loot items off monster corpses that you need so other people can grab stuff if they can use it.  Also the exclusive loot window will be set somewhere between 100ms and 200ms so the group that killed the monster only gets a split second to loot it before other people around can try to loot it too.  This means that ungrouped people can work together killing monsters and each person gets basically an equal chance at getting the loot.