Friday, October 7, 2016


Oh and I'm actually going to play on the server.  A lot.  And you're going to know who I am.  Unlike some servers' leadership.  Just thought I'd put that out there.

Vanity robes with clickies added for lvl 50 toons.  Clickies are non combat based but will be very useful and fun.  They are sold in shop for 10k plat and you can sell them bak to shop for 5k plat.  You can get the whole set of 7 and give yourself 7 buffs and it will be a awesome thing.  You can't see them in shop till you are lvl 50.

I tweaked charm break to a 20% chance.  It started at 25% but I reduced it to 15%.  A person I am working with closely made me aware that charm is op at high levels which is why I met it in the middle since it sucks at lower levels

Red xp multiplier moved down to 110% which is tied with white mobs.  Red will still give more xp because they are a higher level but the multiplier will be the same.   I think it started at 130%, I moved it to 150% then moved it back to 110% because I realized that one of the biggest issues that plagues classic servers is powerleveling.  Yes no drop items will help prevent PLing, but lets be honest people will find ways around that if they really want to.  I have nothing against power-leveling when done right but it tends to disrupt the zone.  So I want to make it less lucrative.  Yellow mobs have a 130% bonus so if you can be selective in the mobs you pick you will powerlevel better and also disrupt less of the zone.  It makes sense; when you face a moderate challenge in life you learn a lot but if the challenge is insane and you happen to just get lucky you learn less.

consumption multiplier (assuming food) was moved from 100 to 120 as I feel food is a little too trivial at the moment.