Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pausing work for a bit

My business has been in a slight slump so I'm directing my efforts to it currently.  Once my business is back to normal then I will resume work on NostalgiaEQ server.  I am hopeful I can make this server quite good from a technical standpoint, I already have the dedicated server with 16 gb ram for it and I plan on using a 50/5 business internet with static IP to host it which should support upwards of 500 concurrent players.  However this internet is $120 a month and advertising to achieve 500 concurrent players will also be expensive.  So if my business isn't doing well I wouldn't be able to afford those expenses. 

So i will keep you updated, hopefully work will resume soon but if all else fails I will release my work so far (mostly client tweaking and database edits).