Friday, March 31, 2017

Close to finishing PEQ compatable classic database!

So I went through TAK alkabor database from their monthly database dump (I'll post link later).  It looked pretty similar to peq style.  I took an akka installer database and scrubbed all the tables that I wanted to move TAK data into, and got all the TAK tables in the peq format.  So all I have left to do now is import all the fixed up TAK data into the installer database.  I also want to fix up the rule_values table to include more from the code.  But ya today I should be done and its just a matter of testing and tweaks with the client!

Monday, March 27, 2017

New Forum Created!

Click that "forum" button above to be redirected to our new phpbb forum! NostalgiaEQ is no longer just a server but rather an entire open source community for the development of classic everquest servers. We will be focusing on titanium client support but all clients before titanium are also encouraged!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Banned by eqemulator for teaching people how to get old skeletons in youreqemu server!

I figured eqemumulator was in bed with p99 and I was right!  I discovered how to get old   skeletons (change the race to 60 in npc_types table) and I was instantly banned!

Anyway stay tuned, I will get my own forum up on this website and continue work on my server!  Even if eqemu won't let me on their server select screen I will have a private login.

First step to Lavastorm mobs complete!

Someone graciously gave me lots of old resources including eqclassic database.  Thankfully the lavastorm mob coordinates were correct!  Now it is just a matter of getting the spawngroups and spawn entries and npc types lined up so the mobs aren't random.  Then we hope that the monster models work right since these old map files that I'm using have very few models included.

After this I want to get mobs in paw and make sure nektulos and cazic thule are good.

Also I hope to get boats working before release this summer.  

hopefully this eqclassic database also has revamped loot so we can hope that works too and have classic loot.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Expansion Settings now possible with Titanium Client!

Oh my goodness did you ever think you would see the day? A day were you can disable iksar and froglok and vah shir and beastlord and berkeeker, or any combination thereof? Well thanks to the open source hero GRUMPY; you now can. Add into your rule_values database table World:UseClientBasedExpansionSettings and set it to false. Make sure in the left column to add a 1 (making that the default rule). Now change the value of World:ExpansionSettings to pick your expansion! Ones already tried are 0-classic, 1-kunark, 255 everything. Test more to figure out if it is just the straight up expansion number no formula needed.

Lets all thank grumpy here is his post!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Nektulos is complete!  All the new added mobs are removed and moss snakes were fixed.  I believe I removed most if not all of the soulbinders/adventure/raid npc's throughout the game.  I also removed the pirate skiff from north ro. Gila monsters were already removed previously.

Now the last big challenge before release will be fixing lavastorm.  All the mobs are currently off the map, eqemu doesn't support old lavastorm so I will try to bring the mobs back on the map and see if we have the models for them.  If so we will just need to rearrange them a bit and be good to go.  But if the models don't exist or the monsters were changed then it is back to the drawing board.

If you have any suggestions on what else to do before testing is opened let me know.  Loot will be kind of modern still, that will probably be a long process to change if it is done at all, especially the gold drops.

How to remove or change mobs in eqemu everquest server akka installer

Edit: Actually the easiest way is to just remove lines from the npc_types table it seems.

1. open command prompt and type mysqldump -uroot -p peq > c:\eqemuserver\backups\database1.sql to save your database.  Make sure the path is correct and next time make it database2.sql etc.

2. Locate the npc you want to remove in npc_types table (make sure you are using heidisql).  Write down all the ID's of  the monsters you want to remove.

3. go to spawnentry table and sort by npcid.  Now delete every row that has an npcid of the monsters you want to remove.

Alternatively  to the step by step method above you can just delete rows from the spawn2 table but then if something else spawns 50% of the time in that spot and you don't want to get rid of that monster then you will need to use the method I laid out at the beginning of this post.

Note:  if you only want to remove spawns from certain zones or spots you will need to use the spawn2 table to pinpoint which spawngroups you want to remove monsters from then use that info when deleting rows from the spawnentry table.

for any questions please go to  My username is NostalgiaEQ

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Server timeline update

I am currently not planning on advertising to attract new players but at some point I would like to do that.

For now the plan is host a public test server this summer.  When I do this I will post up links to my client and database for free download and encourage people to get it and modify and rerelease it.

From there if people like it and I get up to 10 average players after a few months on the test server (not an easy feat but doable) then regardless of donations I will make the server dedicated and on business internet with a dedicated IP.

I plan on hosting it forever but in case anything happens I will release the database to everyone containing everyones characters so you can choose who hosts the server and never miss a beat on your characters.

If you want to tinker around with the database or try out the client right now let me know and we will figure out how to get you the files.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Resuming work

Finished tweaking zones "sky" setting (mostly all set to 1 except misty, steamfont, unrest, nektulos, toxxulia, and feerrott) so that the day night cycle fully works.  It gets dark!

Finished going through every player crafted item and made them all tradable and not lore.  Before I had all magic items and items that added stats no trade and lore.

Still to-do before releasing the alpha is populate old lavastorm and remove new mobs from nektulos.  Still hoping to get boats working at some point and get all loot back to classic.