Sunday, March 19, 2017


Nektulos is complete!  All the new added mobs are removed and moss snakes were fixed.  I believe I removed most if not all of the soulbinders/adventure/raid npc's throughout the game.  I also removed the pirate skiff from north ro. Gila monsters were already removed previously.

Now the last big challenge before release will be fixing lavastorm.  All the mobs are currently off the map, eqemu doesn't support old lavastorm so I will try to bring the mobs back on the map and see if we have the models for them.  If so we will just need to rearrange them a bit and be good to go.  But if the models don't exist or the monsters were changed then it is back to the drawing board.

If you have any suggestions on what else to do before testing is opened let me know.  Loot will be kind of modern still, that will probably be a long process to change if it is done at all, especially the gold drops.