Sunday, April 16, 2017

First full classic database release! Fully EQemulator compatible

Sigh... Finally my first full database release.  Up to Planes of Power.

Click the databases tab above to see it, NEQ10011.

 Far from perfect and lots of work still to do (fix more zone points, fix mob hopping) but I feel this is a good landmark or "save point" so to speak.  New databases prevent the "hopping" problems of mobs, I'm not sure how exactly they do it.  I need to try tinkering with spawn2 and see if I can figure out how PEQ fixed the hopping issue in newer databases.

That aside this database has old skeletons, beautiful mobs in old lavastorm, paw, cazic thule, etc.

Let me know and please fork this and play it or continue development!  My future main goal is to fix mob hopping so if you have any ideas please use the forum or email me!

Progress moving quickly, prelim database release within a couple days

So work has been going great, I got modern items table in the tak database and all items in merchants and mobs work!  Not quite sure yet if new non classic items are on mobs loot but when it is found it will be fixed.  I also got my fixed up zone points table in where the place where you zone into most classic zones is fixed.  Obviously also have my updated rule_values in.

So in essence we have an open source classic database with all classic zones functioning to work from!  It includes everything in TAK so planes of power.

Also I will release a client soon to get the classic graphics and zones.  Currently my client is only classic pre kunark but I will create packs for each expansion especially the box sets like trilogy, gold, evolution, platinum, etc.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Problem with TAK database found... Missing items

So after staring at the loot and merchant tables unable to figure out what the problem is, I found a merchant that carried a cloth cap!  So I looked up that merchant on the npc_types table and got his merchantlist id and looked him up on the merchantlist table.  Well of corse one of the items he trades is a cloth cap.  I looked at the other items he trades and tried to summon them in game.  They don't exist!  Duh!  So the problem with the merchants not having anything is just a lack of items in the items table.  Same problem with the monster drops; I looked at a whiskered bat's drops and tried to summon them and doy... they don't exist!  I don't have time now but I think if we just (sadly) replace the items table with a recent peqbeta table then hopefully we will be good to go.. but sadly we will also have all the crap items I was hoping to get rid of with the tak database.  But fingers crossed if the tak merchantlist and lootdrop is all working correctly only the era specific items will be able to drop or be bought!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TAK database loaded but setbacks found

I successfully imported the tak database into my database.  The monsters all look good but unfortunately there are some setbacks.  Loot isn't working.  Gold drops are functioning but no loot is showing up on corpses.  Also merchants are present but their inventories are blank.  The strange thing is there are large tables in the database for loot and merchant lists, so I will have to take a closer look at the tables and where they reference to see what is going on.  I very much doubt tak would release a database without loot and merchants.

We will see.  No matter what I am not giving up, if anything i go back to the installed db and just use tak to get monsters in lavastorm, cazic thule, and paw (which by the way look great!)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

First NEQ database released! See Database tab above.

First NEQ database!. 1000 Series will be up to LDoN.
You can easily change that by changing World:ExpansionSettings in the rule_values table in the database.
This database is just an empty akka installer (peqbeta) database (fully eqemulator compatable) that has been cleaned out prepared for classic entries. The Rule_values table has been fixed up. Added over 100 entries and vastly improved it and fot it fully up to date. Soon a full functional database will be released with the launch of my server around next weekend. Make sure to get this database here just for the rule_values! (took me about 10 hours of work)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Updating the Rule_Values table.

So I am going through the peqbeta database rule_values table that comes with the akka installer.  There are many errors in it and missing entries.  I am going through and fixing everything, adding all missing entries, and also updating the descriptions.  In addition to that I am adding the default value in the descriptions so you can change away and never forget what the defaults are!  I expect to have this done tonight but it may be untill monday when I can get it posted to dropbox (the scrubbed peqbeta database ready for TAK injection but has updated rule_values table), but even if you don't plan on making a classic server you will want to get this just for the updated rule_values table!

Updated timeline is classic database, eqemulator server, and classic client ready by next weekend.  Should be done earlier but that gives me some time to test.  Server should be ready to go (still have dynamic ip though for now but we will make it work) too.  I will make my server live then post the database, server (precompiled and also uncompiled, just going to be standard from eqemulator for now), and client on my site.  I do not promote piracy and you must agree that you own the game to use.