Sunday, April 16, 2017

First full classic database release! Fully EQemulator compatible

Sigh... Finally my first full database release.  Up to Planes of Power.

Click the databases tab above to see it, NEQ10011.

 Far from perfect and lots of work still to do (fix more zone points, fix mob hopping) but I feel this is a good landmark or "save point" so to speak.  New databases prevent the "hopping" problems of mobs, I'm not sure how exactly they do it.  I need to try tinkering with spawn2 and see if I can figure out how PEQ fixed the hopping issue in newer databases.

That aside this database has old skeletons, beautiful mobs in old lavastorm, paw, cazic thule, etc.

Let me know and please fork this and play it or continue development!  My future main goal is to fix mob hopping so if you have any ideas please use the forum or email me!