Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Problem with TAK database found... Missing items

So after staring at the loot and merchant tables unable to figure out what the problem is, I found a merchant that carried a cloth cap!  So I looked up that merchant on the npc_types table and got his merchantlist id and looked him up on the merchantlist table.  Well of corse one of the items he trades is a cloth cap.  I looked at the other items he trades and tried to summon them in game.  They don't exist!  Duh!  So the problem with the merchants not having anything is just a lack of items in the items table.  Same problem with the monster drops; I looked at a whiskered bat's drops and tried to summon them and doy... they don't exist!  I don't have time now but I think if we just (sadly) replace the items table with a recent peqbeta table then hopefully we will be good to go.. but sadly we will also have all the crap items I was hoping to get rid of with the tak database.  But fingers crossed if the tak merchantlist and lootdrop is all working correctly only the era specific items will be able to drop or be bought!