Saturday, April 1, 2017

Updating the Rule_Values table.

So I am going through the peqbeta database rule_values table that comes with the akka installer.  There are many errors in it and missing entries.  I am going through and fixing everything, adding all missing entries, and also updating the descriptions.  In addition to that I am adding the default value in the descriptions so you can change away and never forget what the defaults are!  I expect to have this done tonight but it may be untill monday when I can get it posted to dropbox (the scrubbed peqbeta database ready for TAK injection but has updated rule_values table), but even if you don't plan on making a classic server you will want to get this just for the updated rule_values table!

Updated timeline is classic database, eqemulator server, and classic client ready by next weekend.  Should be done earlier but that gives me some time to test.  Server should be ready to go (still have dynamic ip though for now but we will make it work) too.  I will make my server live then post the database, server (precompiled and also uncompiled, just going to be standard from eqemulator for now), and client on my site.  I do not promote piracy and you must agree that you own the game to use.