Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mobile Everquest 1?

Hey everyone sorry I dropped off the map for a while there.  I am still busy with a high voltage power supply project that I'm working on so probably won't be developing the NEQ database for a little while yet.  For now though just get the database in the database tab above and work on it yourself and let us know what you accomplish!

I know there was one person on the eqemulator forum talking about making a mobile unity client for EQ.  I know that ultimately wouldn't have the same feel as original eq and even if he completed it, it would fall flat.  

But what about a new idea... making a mobile console that plays actual EQ?

How about a scaled down windows PC small enough for you to use it as a mobile device sort of like a tablet?  Using titanium edition I think you could get away with something pretty small.  Even possibly running a windows emulator to play Everquest and it would be compatible with the NEQ server and all other classic EQ emulators.