Saturday, June 24, 2017

NEQ compatible SERVER posted!

Sorry it took me so long, I forgot to do this. Shortly after I released the NEQ database (see database tab above) Eqemulator seems to have tried to undercut my effort (they don't want anyone to compete with p99 let alone an entire open source community for classic eq!) by ninja changing the server code so it was no longer compatible. My intention was to update the database so it continued to be compatible but other things came up and I haven't done that yet. But anyway I posted a 4/9/17 server in the server tab above so you can compile that and use it to run a server that uses the NEQ database. I will probably also post pre-compiled versions but for now you will have to compile your own using visual studio according to the eqemulator directions for compiling your own server. This will work with your standard titanium client but stay tuned as I will release the special client soon too!