Friday, March 22, 2019

Development restarted! Join our Discord.

We are at it again! This project is now officially a project of Hack Our World 501c3 Nonprofit! Hack Our World is devoted to non-profit game production and publishing focusing on Persistant Open World games.

Join our discord, link is on the right side bar.

NostalgiaEQ is back and is slated for an Open Beta July 2019.  Progress is going well as is compatibility of the Database with current eqemulator server installer and code.  We are using the same client that is posted in the above but the database will be releasing as NEQ200xx so keep an eye out for that and it will be first poated when the Beta launches.

Looking forward to continuing this journey together! FYI this server will be pre-expansion, version "1.1" Vanilla EQ.  Yes that means no Temple of Solsek Ro!