Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Full server for download on the servers tab above

Some are having trouble compiling the server so I added a fully compiled version.  It is 1.4gb to download but you should be able to use it with a NEQ database and the NEQ client right out of the box.  Simply open the folder and double click t_start_server_with_login_server... bat file and it should launch 4 windows with a perl window.  Then in the client create a shortcut to eqgame and add the word: patchme after the "target" field and it should launch the client and see the server you have running.

You also need to load the NEQ20020 (Actually NEQ20021 is newest and is from LoN) database and here is the process if you have already used the Akka eqemulator installer and have mariadb and heidisql installed:

Go to heidisql and login username root and password eqemu.
Right click on peq, say "export database as sql" which saves it.*
then right click peq and say drop database
then click on "unnamed" and right click in the white area and do "create new"->"database"
name it peq again
then click on peq.  then do "file"->"load sql file" and pick the neq database and it will load in.
Restart your computer and restart the server by clicking "t_start_server_with_login..." and then start your client by using the shortcut you made and it should work.

So ya takes a little bit of work but as long as you do the "export database as sql" first on your current database, you can always switch back to your normal eqemu server
it's a quick process after you do it a couple times

*Use these settings for exporting database: