Friday, October 23, 2020

Starting Design on Tiny MMORPG "Eleven": Personality based classes

I got the idea to start this by participating in the Twitch Stream and Discord of ALovingRobot, A former EverQuest Developer.  Qixix and Secrets kind of encouraged me to start something.

I wanted to work on a Crowdsourced, Open Source, Free (or at-cost) MMORPG based on EverQuest but using Unity Engine.

The goal is to create a community, and have people hosting their own servers or playing on the "official" server.  Make their own mods too.  It is obvious that allowing players to host their own servers and giving them tools (or even just license) to mod the game are what made Minecraft and Bethesda such popular companies and led Microsoft to pay billions of dollars to onboard these fans.   I will never sell out but this is a good example of how simply building a community creates massive value.

First Person Only.  Hand Painted Textures.  Hand Modeled Landscapes.  Small. Open Source. 3D.  Those are the main requirements I have for this game.

Networking/Server will likely be SpatialOS or uMMORPG.

So far I have made 1 texture (yay) started sculpting a zone, and am working on design docs.  The classes will be based on MBTi personality types.  I squashed the introvert and extravert into the same type so for example ENTP and INTP are the same class.  Each class has 4 abilities (basically categories of roles/spells).  For example the NTP type would be Shaman and the main roles are Damage and Meta, and the secondary roles would be Summoning and healing.  See below for a screen shot:

[the green and red on the left side denote that those personality types tend to be more extraverted (green) and introverted (red)].

The roles in dark blue are the primary roles of the class and will be equally strong.  The roles in light blue are the secondary roles and will be about half as strong.  Spells, even armor recipes and weapon recipes will be based on role.  So for example Curse role corresponds to blade weapons.  So to craft blade weapons (likely will be no drop after you craft something) you need to have the curse ability.  Same with armor, you will need Tank ability to craft heavy armor.

These also will be the stats.  Likely 1 stat would correspond to each role so this is where players can put points they gain from leveling.  Spells, crafting recipies, skills etc would have stat requirements to use and also would gain power or length based on their stat(s).

I plan on their bieng no auto attack, and  attacks will be skills and work the same way as spells with cooldowns.  This hearkens back to jrpg's where you have  a turn and can either attack or cast a spell.  Basicaaly this just makes it easier (possible) to balance casters with melee characters.

 So the way this would work is as follows.  You take a personality test or other test to help you determine which class you likely want to be.  Below is an example of this:


 So with some simple quick questions we can suggest the class that was designed for a persons personality type.  Of course the player could pick any class but as an Everquest player with the choice of over 10 classes, it took me years to find my favorite!  This personality based system should allow players to find thier favorite class in seconds.


Here is a link to my design folder on Dropbox: