Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We are working on Classic Everquest open source server! Join our discord!

See the link on the right side to join our discord.  Our database, client (titanium based), and server is all fully open source right now!  

You can also play on our server right now (we are in 'closed-unannounced' beta currently) just set your eqhost file in your client to

We hope that whether you just want to save all the work we are doing to help preserve EQ history, play on our server, roll your own classic server ... or even help us with development (!) you would join our discord and check out what we have to offer!  The links on this site toolbar above for client, database, and server are outdated now.  Here are the current links, everything is on github and under active development:




Wiki (under development):

Hope to see you in the Discord!